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Meet Leadership Buckhead

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Board of Directors


Whitney Deal Marshall (Class of 2015)
Founder | Whitney Marshall Coaching


Otis Threatt (Class of 2011)
Partner | Lieneur, Inc.


Rene Wilson (Class of 2012)
Marketing Director, Americas | Willis Towers Watson

Program Co-Chairs

Alex Seblatnigg (Class of 2016)
Director of Volunteer Services | Shepherd Center
Nicole Morgan (Class of 2018)
Director of Development, SE Region| Back on My Feet

Nominations & Selections Chair

Manda Hunt (Class of 2014)

Marketing & Communications Co-Chairs

Shayla J. Nealy (Class of 2017)
Director of Infrastructure Programming | Wendel
Rene Wilson (Class of 2012)
Marketing Director, Americas | Willis Towers Watson

Alumni Relations Chair

Barry Hundley (Class of 2013)

Board Development Chair

EJ Stern (Class of 2017)
Senior Business Development Coach | Novateur Partners

Core Values

  • Authenticity
  • Openness
  • Differences
  • Introspection
  • Change
  • Commitment
  • Friendships

We believe who you are means more than what you do.

We believe transparency is a key to building meaningful relationships.

We believe our differences in thoughts, styles and experiences should be celebrated.

We believe the first step in leading is to “know thyself.”

We believe unchartered paths are good for the journey.

We believe in the value of investment in ourselves and accountability to others.

We believe in the limitless power of a shared experience.

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